The ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, (usually called JETS) is wholly owned and operated by the Evangelical Church Winning All. In the early 1970s the need arose in ECWA to start a theological institution with the distinctive purpose of meeting the contextual needs of both the church and contemporary African society.

While discussing the theological education needs of ECWA, it was realised that one seminary could not meet ECWA’s future leadership training needs.

A Curriculum Consultation Committee was formed comprising ECWA educators, church leaders and Professor G.O.M. Tasie, the then Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jos. It met on a number of occasions at ECWA Headquarters between 1979 and 1980.

The committee’s purpose was to provide guidelines towards the setting up of a distinctive theological seminary and curriculum. It was the new philosophy of theological education and its curriculum which attracted the first principal of the Seminary, Professor H.W. Norton, the former Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School. He headed the new Seminary from 1980 to 1983.

The early programmes of JETS were developed based upon research undertaken in early 1980 to determine the basic areas of need in the church and society. Three basic areas of need were identified:

  1. The need to train competent pastors for the church;
  2. The need to train Christian educators for teaching ministries in public and church institutions; and
  3. The need to train Christian communicators and workers for society.

The Seminary began with three basic programmes:

  1. Pastoral
  2. Education
  3. Communication

Later, the Evangelism and Missions programme emerged to address the need of evangelizing unreached peoples in West Africa. Also, in 2010 The Youth Ministries Department was introduced.

JETS moved to its permanent site at Farin Gada, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Road, Jos in 1982. Despite the continuous economic depression in Nigeria, infrastructural development has slowly but steadily progressed.

The school which commenced with one office block which served multipurpose functions can now boast of a magnificent library building, an administrative block, twelve staff flats, and three modern academic blocks consisting of ten classrooms.

There are also the Women's Institute building, a PhD block and a Leadership Centre building. In addition, the school bought three housing estates, and constructed two estates all being used as student hostels and temporary faculty housing.



There are three components of JETS purpose from which our goals and objectives/outcomes (at all levels) are derived.


Vision Statement

Transformed leaders, church and society.


Mission Statement

Training leaders through sound biblical and theological education to transform church and society.


JETS Mandate

  1. To maintain faithfulness to Scripture,
  2. To reflect theologically on issues facing the church and society in Nigeria and beyond,
  3. To be the theological conscience and mouthpiece of the church,
  4. To provide theological education and training for ECWA and the wider church,
  5. To uphold ECWA Policy and practice.
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