Overview of Programmes
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Overview of Programmes

Regular Programmes

Full-time or part-time programmes of study are offered at the Jos campus, Zaria Road, in the Diploma of theology programme (Dip. Theo), namely, Pastoral Studies and Evangelism/Missions.

Four tracks are offered in the Bachelor of Arts in Theology Programme (BA), namely, Pastoral Studies, Evangelism/Missions, Youth Ministries and Christian Education.

Eight tracks are available in the Master of Arts in Theology Programme (MA); Biblical Studies New Testament, Biblical Studies Old Testament, Theological Studies, Pastoral Studies, Missiological Studies, Educational Studies, Leadership and Administration, Psychology and Biblical Counselling. In addition, JETS offers the Master of Divinity (MDiv), Postgraduate Diploma of Theology (PGDT), Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) and a Doctor of Philosophy programme (PhD).

Summer School

Programmes are offered in June-July at the Jos Campus for students who cannot attend the regular programme. Courses in Diploma Theology, BA Theology, PGDT, MA Theology and MDiv programmes are offered, during which three sessions are run. The summer-only student who is admitted into a four-year BA programme should complete his BA within eight summer sessions.

The diligent student should expect to complete a semester of courses in one summer session. However, certain practicum and the thesis are not offered as summer courses.

Extended Education Centres

JETS runs extension programmes at two locations: Kaduna, and Abuja. The Diploma in Theology award is offered at all centres. The BA programme is offered at Kaduna. The PGDT programme has recently begun at the Kaduna and Abuja centres.

Women’s Institute

The Women’s Institute is situated in the main campus and provides training for student wives so that they can effectively work alongside their husbands. It was founded in 1982 and an all-purpose building was completed in 2003.The programme provides training in literacy, Bible knowledge and vocational skills. It leads to the award of a Certificate in Bible upon successful completion.

Leadership Centre for Excellence

On the main campus is the Centre for Christian Leadership aimed at assisting in the development of leaders and administrators for the Church and other Christian organisations.

Centre for the Study of Religion, Church and Society

The primary aim of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Church and Society is to research on religion, church and society in order to shape the moral life of the Nigerian people. The objectives of the centre are to study, examine, evaluate and analyse how Church and State policies affect the religious, spiritual and pastoral roles and functions of pastors as shepherds of churches and people in society.