Meet Our Provost
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Meet Our Provost

Rev. Prof. Sunday Bobai Agang., JP, NIPEEA. Professor of Christian Theology, Ethics & Public Policy, Associate Research Fellow, Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University, Western Cape, SA

His Faith and Family

Professor Sunday B. Agang was born, to un-churched parents, on the 21st of April 1958. He came to faith and began his walk with the LORD in April 1977. He later led both his parents to saving faith in Christ before they went to be with the LORD. Prof. Agang has been married to Mrs. Sarah Agang for 33 years, and counting. They are blessed with four children -Nancy, Esther, Kent and Dorcas. All profess saving faith in Christ and continue to love and serve the LORD.

His Training and Education

Professor Agang began his primary education at Local Education Authority (LEA) Primary School Bakin Kogi 1 Kafanchan (1976-1979) and got a Certificate in Pastoral Theology from ECWA Bible College Kagoro (1980-1985). He later got a B.A. degree in Pastoral Theology at ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos (1988-1992), from where he proceeded to Palmer Theological Seminary, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA, USA for an M.Div degree (1999-2001). He bagged his PhD in Christian Ethics, Theology and Public Policy within the confines of Christian Ethics and Systematic Theology at the Centre for Advanced Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, USA (2002-2007). His doctoral dissertation was published in 2011 as The Impact of Ethnic, Political, and Religious Violence on Northern Nigeria, and a Theological Reflection on Its Healing. Through the Langham International Research Seminar, he has done Post-Doctoral Study and Research at Wheaton College USA (2011), Oxford (2012, 2014), Cambridge (2014), and Theological College, Singapore (2013). He also added a Post-Doctoral Research at Asbury Theological Seminary, USA (2015) and a Post-Doctoral Sabbatical at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, (2018).

Professor Agang has many academic awards: Best Academic All Round Award, Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) 1992; International Merit Scholarship Award, Fuller Seminary (2004); Best article of the Year Award Fuller SEMI News 2005; Best Paper on Method of Concreteness in Christian Ethics, Fuller School of Theology, (2004); The Tim Lann Scholar, ScholarsLeaders, (April 2006); Langham Scholar, Langham Partnership International, UK and Ireland, 2007- date; Nigeria Patriot of Education Exemplary Award (NIPEEA) (2019), awarded by Majesty Global Charity Education, (14-12-2019).

Professor Agang has been thoroughly trained educationally and professionally as a Theologian in the fields of Theology, Ethics and Public Policy. His scholarly and academic outputs demonstrate the depth of his training and education in the fields of Theology, Ethics and Public Policy. This background has made him a renowned scholar and authority in addressing contemporary theological, ethical, socio-political, cultural, economic, policy and religious issues in Nigeria and world-wide. His publications show that he has had a solid Theological Foundation with which he has ably addressed contemporary issues theologically and professionally.

His Work Experience

Professor Agang has a rich history of laboring in God's vineyard. He worked at United Textile Limited Kaduna (1979- 1980), then pastored ECWA Church Amere, Jagindi LCC (July 1985- August 1988), ECWA Church Nisama, Un/Mailafiya LCC (July-December 1992), and ECWA Church Manchok, Manchok LCC January to June (1993). He has served as DCC secretary of ECWA Kafanchan DC’C (1993-1999); the Eastern Baptist (Palmer)Theological Seminary Security (1999-2001); Lecturer at ECWA Theological Seminary Jos (July to December 2001); Teaching Assistant, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary (2003-2004); Visiting-Lecturer, JETS, Summer (2006); Lecturer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (ETSK) (2012-2020); and Visiting Lecturer, Throneroom International School of Prophecies and Biblical Studies, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Nigeria, (2013-date). He was also Librarian Assistant ECWA Jos Theological Seminary (1989-1992). Custodian of Monumental Baptist Church Philadelphia (2000-2001); and Resident Assistance William Carey International University Pasadena (2003-2005); Lecturer, JETS (2007 to 2011). He has committed himself fully to each of his duties. He holds himself and others to the highest of standards.

Professor Agang has served (in many cases, still serves) as either chairman, secretary or member of more than 60 boards and commissions. As an advocate, who preaches the need to bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular, the list of the boards and commissions cut across both divides. Furthermore, Professor Agang participated in the 2010-2012 University of California funded research project on “Pentecostalism and the Shaping of African Christianity.” As at last count, he has 8 peer-reviewed articles that were published between 2006 and 2019. He has written extensively on the Christian Gospel in the context of Globalisation, Terrorism, Corruption, Persecution, Human suffering, Tribalism, and Sustainable economy. Additionally, he speaks to topics on Nigerian Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology, The Changing Face of Islam in Europe and the Global contributions of African Traditional Religion. Professor Agang also has 25 other conference papers (both published and unpublished). Professor Agang has demonstrated his immense contributions and output by his wealth of experience in ECWA Leadership in both church and institutional settings; hard-working, humane, people-oriented, team-leader, competent and a successful administrator.

His Academic contributions and Scholarly Publications

Beyond his writing ministry and teaching services, Prof Agang is an accomplished researcher. His publications include:

  • African Public Theology, manuscript submitted to Langham and HippoBooks in November 2019, edited by Sunday Bobai Agang, Hans Jurgens Hendriks and Dion Forster, which will be published in May 2020 and be launched in July 2020 at the African Union (AU) Headquarters, Addis Abba, Ethiopia.
  • Multidimensional Perspective on Corruption and Impunity in Africa: Wealth, Power and Religion, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar Publishers, 2019, edited by Sunday Bobai Agang, Chris Jones and Pillay Prelega.
  • No Cheek to Turn, Nairobi, Kenya: HippoBooks and Zondervan, 2017
  • When Evil Strikes: Faith and the Politics of Human Hostility, Eugene, Oregon: Stock and Wipf, Pickwick African Series, 2016.
  • The Impact of Ethnic, Political, and Religious Violence on Northern Nigeria, and a Theological Reflection on Its Healing, Carlisle, Cumbria: Langham Monographs, 2011.

He also contributed 3 chapters in the Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South, edited by Mark Lamport and George Thomas Kuria: Rowman and Littlefield (2008). He currently has signed contracts with Langham, Zonderv an and Hippo Books to complete four writing projects.

As a teacher and educator, Professor Agang, has taught several Seminary courses and supervised thesis/dissertation writings at the B.A., M.A., D.Min, and PhD levels. He has also served as External examiner to South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and served at several thesis defense. Prof. Agang commits to his classes and he is dedicated to teaching, mentoring and research. He is an inspiring instructor. Prof. Agang has also made a lasting impression with philanthropism and fundraising/sponsorship for many of his former and present students.

Professor Agang has great knowledge of his academic and professional fields as demonstrated in his academic, scholarly, and social and spiritual research and writings. It is very clear that Prof. Agang has emerged as an outstanding African theologian and scholar. He is rated to be among great African Theologians. ECWA and the Seminary are indeed blessed with such an outstanding scholar of high esteem. His latest publications which have just been released demonstrate high academic and theological maturity in addressing, assessing and evaluating both national and international issues. The Seminary is grateful to God to have Professor Agang, who is among the leading evangelical theologians, not only in Africa, but also in the world.