Purpose, Vision, Mission, Mandate, & Core Values
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Purpose, Vision, Mission, Mandate, & Core Values

There are three components of JETS purpose from which our goals and objectives/outcomes (at all levels) are derived.

Vision Statement

Transformed leaders, church and society.

Mission Statement

Training leaders through sound biblical and theological education to transform church and society.

JETS Manadate

  1. To maintain faithfulness to Scripture,
  2. To reflect theologically on issues facing the church and society in Nigeria and beyond,
  3. To be the theological conscience and mouthpiece of the church,
  4. To provide theological education and training for ECWA and the wider church,
  5. To uphold ECWA Policy and practice.

JETS Core Values

  1. Scripture: Our foundation for Christian faith, teaching and practice
  2. Christ-Likeness: We are committed to following in His steps
  3. Community: We are committed to living together as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  4. Scholarship: We are committed to academic excellence.
  5. Teamwork: Unity is our strength
  6. Holistic Mission: We are devoted to transforming the total person and the society through the gospel.
  7. Stewardship: We are faithful in service and management of resources.