Returning Students August 2021 Registration Procedure
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Returning Students August 2021 Registration Procedure

  1. Go to JETS registration portal:
  2. Click on the Login button corresponding to your programme (Diploma, Bachelor of Arts, PGDT, or Masters)
  3. Enter your Student ID and Password
    • Undergraduate students only: please ensure to add a leading zero (0) to your Student ID
    • If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot Password link. You'll be able to reset your password if you answer the security questions correctly
  4. Upon login, the “Downloads Page” will be displayed. This page has links to download the semester timetable, course listings, & new students orientation material. You may download/print these documents.
  5. Click on Semester Registration on the menu bar
  6. Click on the August 2021 Registration button, answer the three (3) ensuing questions and click the Proceed button
  7. A page showing the Seminary Charges will be displayed. This page also shows two (2) other sections:
    • Selected Course(s) section:
      This section list all the courses you have selected to register for. If you are yet to pick a course, this section will display: “Yet to Select Course(s)”.
    • Select Course(s) section:
      This section displays a list of buttons with these labels: Year 1 Courses, Year 2 Courses, Year 3 Courses, Year 4 Courses (for Undergraduate Students), Year 5 Courses (for PGDT Students), and Year 6 Courses, and Year 7 Courses (for Masters Students)
  8. Click on the button corresponding to the course(s) you wish to select. A page showing courses for that year/level is displayed
    • Before you select a course, make sure it is available on the current timetable (provided on the portal)
    • If you need help with what courses to pick, please check the Course Listings document (provided on the portal). If still needing help/direction, contact your HOD
  9. Click on the checkbox beside each course you wish to select and then click on the Save Selected Courses button
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you have selected all the courses you wish to register
  11. If satisfied with the courses you have selected, click on the “Forward to Dean’s Office for Approval” button
    • This will automatically push your selected courses to the Dean's portal
    • The Dean’s office will check and approve (or disapprove) your selected courses
    • If Dean's office disapproves, your form will be sent back to you stating the reason(s) for disapproval and/or corrections to be made. Make the required correction(s) and click on “Resend to the Dean's office for approval”
    • NOTE:
      • All of these activities and ensuing notifications will be within the “Semester Registration” page hence you are required to frequently login and check this page to see progress of your online registration
      • The time required for approval to take place is also indicated for each step in the portal. If the time is exceeded, please contact the office (Bursary, or Dean’s)
      • You will NOT be permitted to add any more course(s) after the Dean’s office approves your selected courses until you Finish Registration after which you can perform Add/Drop
  12. After approval by the Dean's office, a page showing the Seminary Charges, Approved Courses, and Summary of Fees Payable will be displayed.
  13. Proceed to the bank to make payment. Details on how to make payment are available in the portal under the “Portal Wallet” page
  14. Click on the Finish Registration button
  15. Lastly, make sure to print a copy of your completed registration form; it serves as your proof of registration for the semester